News Oct 12, 2020

Using VENPURE Technology to Purify Ethanol

Ascensus delivers a cost-effective solution to reduce acetaldehyde and acetal in ethanol streams to allow for participation in higher markets like hand sanitizer.

As the demand for personal hygiene products increases to combat global health crises, many industries such as ethanol are looking for alternative methods to participate in new markets. Our VENPURE technology provides worry-free and cost-effective integration into your existing processes. Using our solution has allowed ethanol producers to reduce acetaldehyde and acetal in ethanol streams to well below the <50ppm requirement by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as well as minimize odors regardless of the ethanol's feedstock.

VENPURE Benefits

  • Sulfurous impurities
  • Acidic impurities
  • Carbonyl impurities (to < 10 ppm)
    • Improved UV transmission
    • Increased permanganate time (> 100 minutes)
    • De-odorization
    • Decoloration or color stabilization (to < 10 APHA)

Availability & Shipping

VENPURE is available in drums, totes, and tanks.

For more information on how you can increase the efficiency in your ethanol distillation process and our chemistry, contact our team.

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