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A hydride-based technology to improve brightness, yield or greater viscosity of various pulp streams.

BOROL can be incorporated in all pulp production processes to improve the operation of your digesters or the final brightness of your pulp.

BOROL Applications

Brightness Enhancement

Created to effectively modify lignin and other color containing materials to colorless, enhancing brightness, yield improvement and viscosity control.


  • - Mechanical Pulp
Process Enhancement
Yield Improvement

Effectively modifies lignin and other color containing materials to colorless, improving brightness and yield.


  • - Chemical Pulp
Product Enhancement
Viscosity Control

Reduces the degradation of the cellulose polymer chains yielding the higher intrinsic viscosities required for specialty cellulose applications.


  • - Dissolving Pulp

The benefits of BOROL

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Superior Performance

Decades of demonstrated performance improvement in pulp production processes yielding higher value products at a lower treatment cost.

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Operational Improvements

Automated, easy-to-use liquid system integrates with all pulp production processes.

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Enhanced Safety

Stable liquids ensure a shelf life of 5 years or more and replace the handling of hazardous and fireprone powders.

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