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CALLERY Alkali Metals

Highly reactive and pure metals

CALLERY™ Alkali Metals are critical in side chain alkylation and enabling olefin production to support the pharma and fine chemical industries.

CALLERY Alkali Metals Applications

Chemical Synthesis
Olefin Isomerization

Metals in liquid form provide high surface area and ease of handling


  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - Fine Chemicals
  • - Oil & Energy

The benefits of CALLERY Alkali Metals

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Convenient Packaging

By packaging our alkali metals in cylinders, our customers are able to easily transfer our products into their reactors while reducing operator exposure creating an efficient and safe process for all.

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Consistent Quality

Supplying consistent and reliable products ensures our partners are receiving the same quality product every time and minimizes process variation.

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High Reactivity

High reactivity creates a faster reaction time so our partners are able to complete their processes more efficiently.

Available Products
CALLERY™ Potassium Metal (K)
CALLERY™ Sodium-Potassium Alloy (NaK)
Packaging Sizes
Lab Samples
Intermediate Sizes
Approx. 14kg
Production Sizes
Drums, Cylinders, & Bulk packages

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