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Boronic Acids and Esters

Key reagents that enable Suzuki coupling reactions

Boronic Acids and Esters Applications

Chemical Synthesis

Key reagents to make C-C bonds under metal-catalyzed conditions due to high selectivity and compatibility with many functionalities.


  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - Fine Chemicals
  • - Agrochemicals
  • - Electronic Materials
Product Enhancement
B-Building Block

Build bi-aryl functionalities in organic synthesis.


  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - Fine Chemicals
  • - Agrochemicals
  • - Electronic Materials
Product Curing

Enables cross-linking in adhesives


  • - Adhesives

The benefits of Boronic Acids and Esters

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Superior Quality

By minimizing by-products, our reproducable consistency ensures our customers are able to deliver reliable products every time.

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Due to their stability, low viscosity, and high solubility, Boronic Acids & Esters are versatile and often selected to complete the syntheses in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and technology materials.

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Easy to Purify

Facilitating isolation and purification is made simple due to low boiling points and fewer byproducts in chemical syntheses.

Available Products
  • CALLERY Trimethoxyboroxin (TMBX)
  • CALLERY Methylboroxin (MBX)
  • TMB PH Triemthyl borate (TMB)
  • TMB AZEO Trimethyl borate (TMB)
  • TMB PURE Trimethyl borate (TMB)
  • CALLERY Isopropyl pinacol borate (PINBOP)
  • BOROFUEL Triethylborane - Triethylaluminum 85:15 Mixture (TEBAL)
Packaging Sizes
Lab Samples
Intermediate Sizes
Production Sizes
Drums, Cylinders, & Bulk packages

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