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A hydride-based solution for improvement of various technologies in textile applications.

COLORCLEAR produces unparalleled whiteness in wool and wool blends, facilitates the clearing and stripping of fabrics, and provides a cost efficient solution.

COLORCLEAR Applications

Chemical Synthesis
Vat Dyes

Reduction and solubility of vat dyes such as part of the dye fixing process. Delivers equivalent shade match with shorter dye cycle time and more.


  • - Textiles
Product Enhancement
Clearing & Cleaning

A reductive bleaching system facilitates effective clearing and stripping while minimizing degradation in fabric performance.


  • - Textiles
Wool Whitening

The new technology allows Merino wool knits and wovens to be bleached and whitened to levels approaching that of cotton and synthetics.


  • - Textiles

The benefits of COLORCLEAR

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Superior Performance

Effective and efficient clearing technology that reduces consumption and boosts the performance of other reducing technologies.

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Operational Improvements

Automated, easy-to-use all-liquid system eliminates manual handling of powder bins and lowers sulphur discharge.

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Enhanced Safety

Easier to manage stable liquids replace exposure and handling of hazardous and fire prone powders.

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