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Trimethyl Borate Pure is a high-quality precursor used in the production of boronic acids and esters for Suzuki Couplings.

TMB PURE is the reagent of choice delivering significant yield improvements in the synthesis of boronic intermediates and the primary boron source for advanced materials.

TMB PURE Applications

Chemical Synthesis
Suzuki Coupling Precursor

Reagent of choice for the formation of Carbon-Carbon bonds in the synthesis and manufacture of fungicides for agricultural applications.


  • - Agrochemicals
Product Enhancement
Boron Materials

Safe and simple alternative to BH3 for doping of circuit boards. Potential in numerous emerging applications such as anti-fouling medical surfaces and industrial boron based diamonds.


  • - Other

The benefits of TMB PURE

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High-Purity Grade

99.8% pure pharmaceutical grade. Reduces byproducts, increases yield, and simplifies work up.

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Easy to Use

Simple to pump liquid provides more accurate dosing and process integration resulting in reaction byproducts of methanol and borate with well defined EHS profiles.

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Cost Effective

An economical source of Boron for synthesizing Boronic intermediates and C-C bonds, found to be lowest cost per equivalent of boron.

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